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    Any table lamp becomes an alerting device to events or emergencies when you plug it into the Legacy Series LampLighter Signaler which, in turn, plugs into any standard 110-volt electrical outlet. When the signaler receives a notification from any Legacy Series Transmitter, the table lamp flashes a distinctive warning pattern.

  • Place it in your pocket or clip it to your belt or waistband as you move from room to room or even outside such as on a patio. When the Legacy Series Good Vibrations™ Receiver receives a signal from any Legacy Series Transmitter, the receiver vibrates an alert.

  • You will be alerted to an infant’s cry, alarm clock, door buzzer or other noise with the Legacy Series Sound Monitor Transmitter. When a loud sound is detected, it sends a signal to any Legacy Series Receiver.

  • The flashing strobe light notifies you of events or threats in your home, office, hotel or dorm room. In addition, a series of distinctive LED lamps on the front panel of the Legacy Series Sidekick® Receiver with Strobe Light helps you distinguish between alerts for fire, doorbells, phone calls, door or window access and more.

  • Specially designed for people who are deaf-blind and require a body-worn receiver for maximum freedom around the home, the Signature Series Vibra-Call™ 3 Body-Worn Receiver alerts you to events and emergencies as you move from room to room.

  • Portable for use around the home, dorm or office or even outside on a patio, the Signature Series Body-Worn Communicator will alert you to doorbells, fire alarms and other events.

  • Alert yourself to a baby’s cry, door buzzer, alarm clock or oven timer. Whenever a sound is detected, the Signature Series Sound Monitor Transmitter will notify you of it by broadcasting a signal to any Silent Call Signature Series Receiver.

  • Monitor events and threats throughout your home, office, dorm or hotel room with the Signature Series Sidekick II™ Receiver with Strobe Light. Position it on your end table, night stand or other flat surface; it plugs into any standard 110-volt outlet.

  • Place this flashing alerting device on an end table or nightstand to monitor events in your home, office, dorm or hotel room. The Legacy Series Sidekick II™ Receiver with Strobe Light flashes different light patterns and activates colored LED lamps to help you distinguish between doorbells, phone calls, smoke and other occurrences.